What Should We Do About Disinformation?

Cartoon-1894 illustration by Frederick Burr Oppenheimer Public Domain

It is a cliche, to say that civilization presents us with more questions than answers. Then what are the stakes in not mentioning a fact? And to quote educator Neil Postman “Whose problem is it?” It appears that nothing that we do or say can be considered neutral. Neutrality is a curse in discourse.

Exit The Grey Champion

Photo Credit -John Woods with permission.

In his life Barlow manifested multiple Identities. A younger generation followed him as their champion. The risk was what if the champion was wrong and they followed him off a cliff? Before he died he admitted that he had been wrong about cyberlibertarianism and he died a libertarian.In doing so he maintained that he was a good ancestor., confident another generation would succeed where he failed.

The Helltrain

Video by Terry Mockler

By day lawyers and doctors take the high speed rail to Miami from West Palm Beach. On the weekend it turns into a booze cruise to the Hard Rock Stadium. But there is a dark side to the Brightline. 81 deaths on the Eastern Central line.40 deaths in two years due to the Brightline high speed train.