Media Ecology-Misunderstood

What is Media Ecology and Who Are Media Ecologists? According to Wikipedia, “Media ecology theory is the study of media, technology, and communication and how they affect human environments. … McLuhan proposed that media influence the progression of society and those significant periods of time and growth can be categorized by the rise of a specific technology during that period.” According to the Media Ecology […]

A Portrait of Miami as a Bookfair

The 2019 Miami Book Fair International Jose Garcia Pedrosa appeared weighed down by two overstuffed briefcases as he entered the room, and looked overstuffed himself, in a mid-priced suit that you would associate with the status of a middle-manager. Pedrosa sported a moderately sized gin-blossom. Who better to write about Miami’s ethos in the 90s than a former Miami city manager […]

Hurricane Dorian and the Arts

Miami, Florida Saturday, Sept.3rd, 2019 It is Arts Launch Week at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami. It kicked off Saturday morning, Sept. 3 with a discussion of the state of the live performing arts and the importance of the role they play in communities. Later, backstage, over 250 local arts groups presented. Local arts leader Xavier […]

Miami Dade County Commissioners Meet Over Sanctuary City Label

MIAMI Miami-Dade County commissioners rushed through the legislative agenda at a special meeting to a vote on resolutions addressing the county mayor Carlos Gimenez’s response to a declaration emanating from the White House designating Miami-Dade County as a sanctuary city. The acrimonious public hearings and heated deliberations by county commissioners lasted six hours. This designation requires cities the federal government believes harbor illegal aliens […]

Miami and High Tech Status

Inside one of the hundreds of small start-up businesses, that are tucked away, amid the Miami Wynwood art district’s brightly painted warehouses or nearby, workers are designing applications for technology that may contain the seeds of a new global-growth high-tech business. With it may come the the promise of a local boom in high-tech jobs for developers. Each year the […]


Wyncode Miami Coders MIAMI Kyra Fillmore is a graduate of Wyncode; Miami’s first, most successful and unique computer coding boot camp. Fillmore started out as a social services case worker in Chicago before moving to Miami. She became a stay at home mom with two children. She decided on a coding career because she liked the flexibility and she could work […]

Meet Nora Sandigo- An American Institution

MIAMI Nora Sandigo, brought three small children orphaned by the deportation of their parents to the Miami-Dade County Commissioner’s special meeting to testify on the impact President Trump’s Sanctuary City declaration will have on other children like them. Sporting a colorful Children Foundation T-shirt one child said, “Do you even know if I have a roof over my head?” Another […]