Wyncode Miami Coders MIAMI Kyra Fillmore is a graduate of Wyncode; Miami’s first, most successful and unique computer coding boot camp. Fillmore started out as a social services case worker in Chicago before moving to Miami. She became a stay at home mom with two children. She decided on a coding career because she liked the flexibility and she could work […]

Meet Nora Sandigo- An American Institution

MIAMI Nora Sandigo, brought three small children orphaned by the deportation of their parents to the Miami-Dade County Commissioner’s special meeting to testify on the impact President Trump’s Sanctuary City declaration will have on other children like them. Sporting a colorful Children Foundation T-shirt one child said, “Do you even know if I have a roof over my head?” Another […]

The Rise and Fall of Chinas’ Social Credit System

Ever since President Richard M. Nixon opened diplomatic relations with China, the West has been hoping that cooperation and technology transfer might lead China to embrace democratic principles. Headlines around the globe lament China’s amendment of its constitution so the president will be president for life ruling as an emperor. It watches in horror as Nazi-style concentration camps are established for millions […]