The Interdisciplinary Media Ecology Philosophy.

Dialog in Full

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  • Media Ecology refers to an interdisciplinary field of media theory and media design. It involves the study of media as environments and anti-environments.
  • If a new medium places stress on the environment, Media Ecology seeks to restore a sensory balance.
  • Example: On the internet, our identities merge. We have no privacy. One area of potential reconnection is generational identity.
  • The challenge is to restore dialog between generations where only monologs now exist. 

Like a neural circuit, all media contain these environmental effects in balance.

Four questions to ask of any medium. What does it…. (Laws of Media)


Tetrad diagram image above: GNU Free Documentation License

Collaborative Journalism/Novel Genre

Tetrad of media effects by Terry Mockler
Evolution of Cybergenres. Shepard and Watters, 1998, pg. 98